Hi, My name is Bernard and that’s why I drink.

Welcome to this thing I’m doing on the internet.

Ever since I was small(er) and read Michael Chricton’s original Jurassic Park I’ve had a fascination with adventure and avoiding death in tropical locations. Bit by excruciating bit I plan on updating this site with my travels across the world. From some of the planet’s most spectacular locations to some of it’s hidden and creepiest corners, we will try and trek to them all. Some posts will be funny, others a little informative, some will have pretty pictures and others will be rubbish. Some might be all of those things at once.

I’m not promising a regular update schedule because I have more important things to do.  I’ve only learned to read and write recently and I’m terrified of Spontaneous Human Combustion, a very real and dangerous phenomenon in which a human body randomly bursts into flames and decomposes to ash in a matter of minutes. My doctor says I’m in a high risk category.

I hope you enjoy, and you are more then welcome to come along for the ride.

Just don’t touch my stuff while I’m away, get off my lawn and stay away from my bins.

Thank you for reading,

Bernard, The Wandering Boo.

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