IRELAND | THE WILD ATLANTIC WAY A bit of a change to my usual style here. Just dropping a link to to a Youtube video I posted with some aerial footage taken on a recent road trip along the west of Ireland. This is the world’s longest uninterrupted coastal route known as the “Wild AtlanticContinue reading

TURKEY | A MODERN STONEAGE FAMILY Cavemen are real, cities can exist under the ground, and troglodyte is a real word that means something and not just a slur to be hurled at Monaghan people. More on these revelations later. Istanbul is a city that has had many badass names in it’s lifetime including ConstantinopleContinue reading

INDIA | TEMPLE (AND JEEP) OF DOOM It’s not the years – it’s the mileage. This was never more true than when you cram twenty seven people into a five person vehicle. Escaping the cave temples was only the start of the adventure. After reluctantly leaving my german acquaintance to his fate I boarded anotherContinue reading